Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Big Tri-level Win!

Last night our tri-level team won a match!  We haven't been very successful this season, so that's good news, but the even better thing is that we beat the team that has been undefeated so far and was undefeated all last tri-level season!

Terri and I played on the 3.0 court.  We played some very consistent players, but they did not have a lot of hard shots or great angles.  One of them tends to hit higher, floaty balls, and Terri and I both hit a lot of them out of the air and put them away.  We won the first set 6-1 that way.  Our opponents changed sides in the second set, which let one of them hit a much deep groundstroke; that worked for them in the second set, plus we made some errors, so we lost the set 2-6.  In the match tie-breaker, we started out behind, but caught up to 8-8, and then won it 10-8 to win the match!

Our 3.5s lost their court, but our 4.0s won, so we won the match overall!  On the 4.0 court, they split sets and started the match tie-breaker with about 10 minutes left in the match.  However, there was a miscommunication with the facilities guy that was supposed to hit the buzzer to call the end of the match, and he didn't do it until late.  If the buzzer had gone off on time, our 4.0s would've lost the tie-breaker.  But because of the delay, they finished the tie-breaker and won it!  A very satisfying match win!

This morning I had to be on campus by 7:30am, so I didn't do a workout.  I'll do today's workout on Friday.  I need some sleep - I got to bed extra late after last night's match, and didn't sleep very well.

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