Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Good Monday Doubles

Last night I had my usual doubles tennis at TCCP.  I felt like I played really well.  In the first round, Andrea and I lost 4-6.  However, we were playing against two really strong players, and Andrea doesn't move as well on the court, so I thought that was a success.  In the second round, Jessica and I beat our opponents 6-2; this was surprising because again, we had strong opponents.  I've been coming in to the net a lot, and it's working very well.  In the last round, my partner Lindsay and I won 3-2. 

This morning, I did Insanity the Asylum vol. 2 Agility Tutorial, followed by Ab Shredder, followed by a 90-s plank on a stability ball.  This always gets me sweating a lot.  I burned about 190 calories.

My blood test results came back yesterday - I'm still anemic, although not as bad as before.  So I keep taking the iron supplements.  I'm still pretty fatigued - I hope I can get my iron back up soon!  I keep thinking that if I'm playing tennis so well right now, how much better will I play when I'm not so tired all the time?

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