Friday, November 7, 2014

Combo Win!

Last night, I subbed in again for a match for our combo team.  My partner, Julie, and I won 6-2, 6-0.  Despite the league being 6.5 combo, we played two 3.0 women, and one of them was very inexperienced.  They really didn't have a chance.  Julie and I practiced coming in to the net, which was good.  I served the last game, and we were ahead 15-0.  During that point, I pulled my left calf muscle a bit.  This is something I've done in both legs, but many years ago.  It wasn't awful, but I really didn't want to play much more.  At 30-0, I served to get an error on the return, so it became 40-0.  I was serving to the weak player, so I figured if I didn't get an error on the return, I'd just hit until she did make an error.  And that was pretty much how it went...I hardly moved, but just hit several cross-court shots until she hit it out.  Then I limped to the bench and took a bunch of ibuprofen.  Julie got me some ice, and I iced my calf until the other matches finished.  Our team won one of the other courts, so we won the match overall.

This morning, my calf is feeling a bit better.  I'd wrapped it up last night before bed.  I'm still taking ibuprofen regularly.  I did P90X2 Balance + Power today, skipping any jumping or balancing on the left leg.  I burned about 170 calories.

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