Friday, March 11, 2016

Evening Tennis Practice

Yesterday morning, I did the next workout from The Master's Hammer and Chisel, which was Max Hammer Strength.  This is a really good workout, and I like that I can use my 30-lb weights for a lot of the moves!  Honestly, I probably should get some 35-lb weights, but that's another investment.  I burned about 125 calories.

Yesterday evening, I had a practice with my tennis team outside.  We have been having unusually warm weather, and I am certainly not complaining about that!  My partner, Libby, and I lost 6-7, 2-3, when we had to stop.  It was a fun evening, and a bit easier than the long runs I've been doing lately.

Today is my rest day, so I did some stretching and foam rolling this morning.  I think that this week has been my hardest one so far with Hammer and Chisel, with four tough full-body workouts in a row.  I am still sore in many places, and so I'm hoping today (and this weekend) will be a good recovery. 

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