Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tennis Loss

Last night I had a match with my 6.5 combo tennis team.  Unfortunately we lost all three courts.  My partner, Michele, and I lost 6-0, 6-2.  Both of our opponents were strong players, and my partner had trouble getting a lot of balls back, since they were hit low at her feet.  They also did a lot of short and long play, which was hard to deal with.

This morning, I did Insanity the Asylum vol. 2 Pure Contact, followed by Ab Shredder.  I had forgotten what a good agility and plyo workout Pure Contact is, even though it's short.  The combination of these workouts really brings on the sweat!  I burned about 200 calories.

I've been losing since about when I started The Master's Hammer and Chisel at the end of January.   Thank goodness!  I feel like I've put on a bit of weight here and there and just haven't been able to get it to come off.  I just put together my recent weight measurements with my old BodyMedia stats, and I'm at the lowest weight now that I've been since about mid-May 2014!  I'm around 123 lbs.  It would be nice to get back under 120 lbs.  When I started using my BodyMedia device in November 2010, I was around 114 lbs!  I know that I've put on a lot of muscle since then, but it's still discouraging to see the weight rise.  I was keeping track of my wait circumference for awhile to try to judge the muscle vs. fat gain/loss, but I stopped doing that at about the beginning of the year, since nothing was changing.  I suppose I should try a new measurement now.

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