Thursday, March 3, 2016

Two Workouts

Yesterday morning, I did the next workout on The Master's Hammer and Chisel schedule, which was Hammer Conditioning.  This was an interesting workout, because it had a bunch of compound movements, with several things happening at once.  This is supposed to work your body more naturally (because you do those sort of movements all the time) and more effectively, because using more muscles burns more calories.  It also helps with your core and stability.  Overall, it was an interesting and effective workout, except for a few moves that seemed overly complicated an contrived.  Afterward, I did 10-min Ab Hammer.  I burned about 170 calories, I think.  Now I can't remember for sure.

Yesterday evening I had a work event, so it was my rest evening.

This morning I did the next Hammer and Chisel workout, which was Chisel Cardio.  This is a reasonably good workout.  The step-up type moves on the bench are annoying, but I know they are good for me.  I burned about 160 calories.

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