Saturday, June 27, 2015

Boxing & Easy Run

Yesterday was my rest day, so I didn't do anything too active.  I did get a lot of yard work done in the afternoon, because it was NOT really sunny and hot for once!

This morning it was raining, so I had to cancel my practice with my tennis team.  Instead I went to a boxing class.  We had very few breaks in the class and alternated between boxing rounds on the bag and other exercises, which definitely got me a good calorie burn.  I burned 360 - 370 calories, when usually it's closer to 300 cal.

After the class, I hopped on one of their treadmills for a 20-min easy run.  I ran at 5.1 mph, which gave a distance of 1.7 mi.  This felt pretty easy, even after the hard class.

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