Sunday, June 28, 2015

Race Pace Intervals

Last night I played in the last match of the season for our 3.5 team.  Unfortunately, my partner, Mary, and I lost.  We won the first set easily at 6-2.  My spin serve is going really well lately, and it really flummoxed them.  Mary had great placement, and we just played really well in general.  In the second set, our opponents started playing more consistently and more aggressively.  They broke Mary's serve once, and we couldn't get a break back, despite having numerous chances, so we lost the second set 6-4.  In the match tie-breaker, we kept it pretty close until 4-4, and then they ran away with it.

Unfortunately, our team only won two courts - we were the deciding court, and we knew it.  It stinks to lose the last match that way, and we really thought we could win it.

This morning I went to my usual Sunday boxing class.  Since it had been about two weeks before yesterday since I'd done boxing, I was already sore from yesterday's boxing.  Today's class was good, and definitely added to my soreness.  I get most sore in my lats from boxing - lots of uppercuts, I guess.

In the afternoon, I did my next run on my training schedule, which was a race pace interval run.  First, I did 5 min at 5.1 mph to warm up.  Then I ran 3 x 1 mi at 6.7 mph, alternating with 3 x 4 min at 5 mph.  The speed of 6.7 mph is a pace just short of 9 min, so I just ran 9 min at 6.7 mph.  The run totaled 44:00 and 4.4 mi.  The race pace intervals were quite difficult, but I feel like I handeled them better than the last time I did this sort of run, which was about a month ago.

After dinner, my husband and I did a short walk around the neighborhood - the weather was beautiful and not too hot.

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