Monday, June 8, 2015

Grand Tour of DC Monuments

Yesterday was another pleasant day of walking around DC and showing my Mom and her friend the monuments.  It was a beautiful day.  In the morning, we went to Great Falls on the Maryland side.  The falls are always impressive, but we got to watch a couple kayakers actually going down several of the cascades - twice!  Pretty amazing!

After a picnic lunch at Great Falls, we went back downtown to walk around more of the monuments on the National Mall.

First we went by the Washington Monument.  Then we started around the Tidal Basin, hitting the Jefferson Memorial first.  Then we went through the FDR Memorial and the Martin Luther King, Jr, Memorial.  Then we went back on the Mall and stopped by the Korean War Veterans' Memorial.  Next was the Lincoln Memorial, and then the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial.  Finally, we went to the World War II Memorial.  It was quite a day of walking!  Unfortunately my sunscreen (apparently) was oozing into my eyes a bit and really making them sting for the last part of the afternoon.  I could barely keep them open!

This morning I did P90X3 Eccentric Lower, preceded by Cold Start.  This workout went pretty well today and did not feel as hard as sometimes.  I'm sure I'll be feeling it, though.  I burned about 90 calories.

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