Sunday, September 20, 2015

Easy Run

This morning I went for an easy run.  It was a beautiful day, but I was expecting for the run to be slow because I was worn out from yesterday's run and race.  However, the run went quite well.  I ran 5.36 mi in 1:00:10, which was an average speed of 5.35 mph.  This is exactly my current "easy run" speed.  The run felt harder at the end for sure, as my legs weren't all that pleased to be running again, but my heart rate stayed pretty much in the usual range.

These past few days of running, with the race, have been very gratifying.  I feel like it really shows that my training plan has been doing its job and that I'm over my anemia.  It's also nice to see how my treadmill training speeds have been translating very well to actual outdoor running and racing.

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