Monday, September 28, 2015

Sea Colony Tennis Tournament

This past weekend, some of the players on my tennis teams went to Bethany Beach, DE, to play in the Sea Colony tennis tournament.  We weren't really going to try to "win big" so much as to play some good tennis and have fun.  We succeeded in that!

We drove out to Bethany Beach on Friday night.  On Saturday morning, my 3.5 doubles partner, Whitney, and I played our first match.  Sadly, we lost 7-5, 6-3.  We were ahead in the first set 5-3, but could not finish the set.  In the second set, we started making a lot more unforced errors.  Our opponents were good, but not unbeatable.  Oh, well.  Donna and Jill also lost their first 3.5 doubles match.  Fortunately we were guaranteed at least two matches, so we were scheduled for the consolation bracket.

After lunch, Whitney played her first singles opponent, who was a 22-year-old former college tennis player who had taken a few years off from tennis.  Whitney won 6-7, 6-3, 1-0, but unfortunately she hurt her shoulder (probably rotator cuff) in the match tie-breaker.  She had to retire from the rest of the tournament.

Jessica and Michelyn played the doubles players that beat Whitney and me, and won 5-7, 6-3, 1-0 (I think).  Michelyn then played her first singles match, and won in straight sets.  During the afternoon, I played a bit with some of our various teammates for fun.  We had a get-together at Joan's beach house in the evening, which was definitely a highlight of the weekend.

On Sunday, Jessica and Michelyn played Donna and Jill's opponents for the 3.5 doubles final.  Jessica and Michelyn won 6-3, 6-3!  Michelyn also became the 3.5 singles champion, because she was supposed to play Whitney, but Whitney had to retire.  So Michelyn got first, and Whitney got second.

The 3.0 doubles ladies played a round-robin on Sunday morning.  Joan and Fran won over Jo and Mary Ann, but both pairs were defeated by the third pair in the round-robin.  That means Joan and Fran got second place.  Whitney and I were supposed to play Donna and Jill for the consolation round, but could not play because of Whitney's injury.  Instead, Michelyn and Jessica took turns playing with me against Donna and Jill, just for fun.  After that, we all drove home.  It was a good time!

When I got home, I did the next run on my training schedule, which was a 50-min easy run followed by 5 strides.  On the treadmill, I did 50 min at 5.4 mph, then I did 5 x 30 sec at 7.5 mph alternating with 5 x 45 sec at 5.0 mph.  All of this came to a distance of 5.12 mi.

This morning, I did Insanity the Asylum vol. 2 Agility Tutorial, followed by 10 pull-ups and 2 chin-ups, followed by Insanity the Asylum vol. 2 Ab Shredder.  This sequence got a very good sweat going.  I burned about 180 calories in 50 minutes.

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