Saturday, September 19, 2015

Surprise 5K Race

Yesterday afternoon, I did a walk around the neighborhood.  I walked at a very easy pace, since I didn't want to get too sweaty.  I walked 2.76 mi in 52:06.

I was out running this morning just to get some exercise in.  Like yesterday, I ran down Lakeshore Drive toward Lake St. Clair.  Well, it turns out that there were some races happening, run by the local Rotary Club.  There was a 5K and 10K race.  So I ran to the start to see if I could do the 5K race.  I had run about 2.1 mi in 24:26 to get to the race start.

The race director very generously let me run the race and pay for it later, since I didn't have any money on me.  The race started at 9:00am, about 15 minutes after I registered.  I decided to really run it and see how well I could do.  I crossed the finish line in 27:06, which is a new personal record for me!  I haven't gotten my chip time results, but it shouldn't be too different.

This was really great, because I really wasn't prepared for a race.  It was rainy and wet.  I had already run over 2 miles to get there, and had run about 5 mi each of the previous two days.  I hadn't eaten breakfast.  So with all that, it was really cool to run the race so well.  My average speed was about 6.9 mph, which is the speed at which I had run my intervals on Thursday.  The race definitely felt hard, and I definitely slowed down in the last mile, but I managed to keep going fast enough to get the PR.

EDIT:  I got the official results.  My time was 27:05, which I'm very happy with, but is not necessarily that fast.  However, I placed really well.  I was 37th out of 170 runners.  I was 8th out of 89 women runners, and 1st in the 40-year-old women's age group!  Pretty cool!  I would've gotten a medal for my age group win, if I'd stuck around, but I didn't.  I really didn't expect to do that well.  It's a good thing I didn't run the 10K, because it was really fast; even if I'd hit my new PR goal time of 55:00, I would've barely been in the top half.  There were only about 110 runners in that race.

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