Sunday, September 6, 2015

Long Walk

This morning, I did my usual Sunday boxing class.  It was a good class, like usual.  I "froze" my boxing membership for a month, since I will be missing a bunch of weekend and won't be able to go to boxing.  I will miss it.

This afternoon, I did a long walk instead of a run.  Yesterday's run was definitely hard, and I didn't think I would get a good run today.  So I did a brisk walk.  I walked about 5 mi in about 80 minutes.  I forgot to start my GPS for the first part, so I don't know the exact stats. 

I did something weird with my left shoulder, apparently standing up from dinner.  It hurts to shrug upward, or to kind of pull back, similar to a scapular retraction.  Very strange.  Hopefully this will be a weird pain that goes away in a day or two, like my weird chest/shoulder pain a couple weeks ago.

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