Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Revenge of the Penguins 10-mi Race Official Results

Yesterday evening, the official results for the Revenge of the Penguins 10-mi Race were finally released.  Even though I didn't run that fast, I placed very well - an advantage of a small race!  My chip time was 1:47:00.9, over 30 sec less than my "gun time", because I started back in the pack - I knew I wasn't going to win the race!

Out of 140 people in the 10-mi race, I placed 56th, which was pretty cool.  That's in the top 40%.  (If I had managed to run at 6 mph on average, I would've placed something like 42nd.)  In my 40 - 49 age group, I placed 6th out of 36, which was awesome - top 17%!  Most races do age groups in 5 year bins, so even with more competition, I did well. 

At any rate, it's fun seeing myself do so well, even though my time wasn't great.  I'm definitely going to do this race as a goal race next fall and train up for it - hopefully I can do maybe 10-min better and really place well!

Now back to my regular exercise.  Yesterday morning, I was a bit short on time and didn't feel like an intense workout, so I did a shortened version of P90X3 Dynamix, followed by some foam rolling.  I burned a whole 40 calories!

Yesterday evening I had my regular tennis doubles at TCCP.  I feel like I played pretty well - I actually wasn't too sore or tired - but my scores didn't reflect it.  In the first round, my partner, Whitney, and I played some really good players and lost 6-2.  In the second round, my partner, Renee, and I won 6-3.  In the last round, my partner, Abby, and I got bageled 3-0.  It was all pretty good tennis, though, so it was fun.

This morning, I did my agility workout like last week, with the added planks.  I got an app for my phone called "Random Timer" that I used to time my split-steps-then-sprints.  I'm hoping this will help with my reaction times. I burned about 180 calories in 45 - 50 min, with the warm up and cool down.

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