Thursday, September 3, 2015

Easy Run

Yesterday after work, I went to Road Runner Sports and got new insoles.  My old ones were cracking up.  I got ones that were slightly bigger, because I felt like my toes were hanging off the old ones.

After that, I did the next run on my training schedule, which was a 60-min easy run.  I ran on the treadmill at 5.3 mph, so the distance came to 5.3 mi.  This run didn't feel as easy as I was expecting. 

This morning I did my upper body strength workout, with the weights I used last week.  I did 5 more push-ups (military version) than last week.  I feel like I really am gaining some strength from this workout, which is good.  It took me almost 55 min, and I burned 140 calories.

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