Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Doubles Loss

Last night I played #3 doubles with Cheryl on my 3.5 team.  Unfortunately we lost 6-3, 6-3.  It was a very frustrating match.  We felt like we were able to beat them, but we just couldn't quite do it.  They made very few errors, and we definitely made some.  It was extra frustrating because the team did not win any of the other courts, either, and we were playing the team that is in last place!  We aren't that bad!  I know in the end it doesn't really matter, but we've been losing a lot, and I'd like to turn that around.

This morning I did FOCUS T25 Gamma Speed 3.0 (175 cal) and Asylum Vol. 2 Agility Tutorial.  I did remember some of the moves from Speed 3.0, so I spend less time being confused.  Some of them are still a little dancy, and I can't quite do them right.  I burned about 295 calories total.  I also have noticed that I've been burning more calories for the rest of the day after that, compared to yesterday after my workout.  I definitely was working a lot harder today.

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