Thursday, July 24, 2014

Better Long Run

I am still in Pennsylvania.  This afternoon I did the next long run on my training schedule.  I was kind of dreading it after my horrible 8-mi run this past Saturday.  However, I did 10.08 mi in 1:38:15, which is an average speed of 6.15 mph.  On this run, I had reached 9 mi in a minute less time than I did 8 mi last Saturday!  The whole run today only took me about 10 minutes longer for 2 extra miles.  Today, my route was very flat.  It was also about 10 deg F cooler, and the humidity was not as high.  I also made a point to drink more the day before and this morning.  So I think the overall combination of circumstances made this run much easier.  It renewed my confidence in my training plan.

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