Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tennis Practice

Yesterday evening, I had a practice with my tennis teams.  Since we are in between seasons, I am trying to get them to improve on some doubles play.  We are focusing on following the ball at the net, so the net player moves back and forth on the court to be in the correct position.  While this may seem like an obvious thing to do, a lot of players don't do it.  I want to improve on that.  As some of them said, following the ball like that can be really tiring.  All the more reason to practice it now and develop the conditioning.

This morning I did FOCUS T25 Gamma Speed 3.0 (186 cal), followed by Asylum Vol. 2 Agility Tutorial.  Last night in practice, my legs did not feel too fatigued, but they were tired again this morning.  Speed 3.0 was tough, but I was feeling better by the time I got to the Agility Tutorial.  I burned about 300 calories total.

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