Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Easier Plyo Workout

Yesterday afternoon, I did my lower and upper body plyo workout .  It felt easier than usual.  I think my sprint times have gone down a bit.  This is probably because it wasn't quite as hot out as usual, and it was quite windy, which cooled me off.  The upper body work especially felt a lot easier.  Amazing how much more pleasant it is to workout without dripping in sweat.

This morning I am still way up in weight from when I jumped up 4 lb last Saturday morning.  I don't feel like I look as puffed up, but clearly I'm still retaining water.  It can't be real weight.  Frustrating!

This morning I did P90X2 Balance + Power.  It felt kind of funny using such little weights for the moves in this workout after using nothing less than 20 lb in my latest NROLW.  However, the core and balance work is definitely good for me.  I burned about 195 calories overall.

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