Monday, July 14, 2014

First Day of NROLW

Yesterday evening, Bill and I did a bike ride of a little over 17 miles.  It was a bit shorter than usual, because we did it after dinner.  Even though we waited for an hour, my stomach still felt pretty blah during the ride.  Not my favorite time to do it.

This morning I did the first workout of the first stage of New Rules of Lifting for Women.  It only took me 27 minutes, including the warm-up.  I don't think it was extremely hard, although I can feel already that I'm going to be sore in a few places.
  • Squats: I did these as dumb bell squats, with 20 lb per hand.  I've done these a bunch in P90X, so they weren't too tough.  I did try to squat really low and keep my back flat, though.
  • Push-ups:  no problem with the required number here, since I've done tons of these in all the Beachbody workouts.  I did try to go low, though, and keep my elbows next to my sides.
  • Bent-over rows: I used 15 lb per hand on these.  I didn't find the row part too hard; I was focused on keeping my back flat, which was harder.
  • Step-ups: these were tougher.  I stepped up onto my weight bench, which is a pretty high step.  I used 15 lb per hand.  I think I had too much work going on in my "non-working" leg, so I need to work on that.
  • Prone jackknifes: again, I did these in P90X2, so they were not a problem.
I stopped with the required number of reps for push-ups and prone jackknifes, even though I could've done more.  Maybe I should do more?  Since there's no weight with these moves, I'm not sure how else to challenge myself with them. 

I only burned about 95 calories in the workout.  I have to wrap my head around the idea that this is OK.  Hopefully I'll see some improvements and changes soon to confirm it.   It's also weird to be eating so much (since I'll be doing two workouts today) when one of the workouts was so easy.  The individual moves were not necessarily easy, I just didn't have to do them for that long.

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