Saturday, July 26, 2014

Double Tennis

This morning when I looked at myself in the mirror, I looked a bit puffed up.  Apparently Subway for lunch two days in a row is a bit too much sodium.  Unfortunately this was the day of the week I take my waist measurements, so they were high.  My weight was up almost 4 lb from the morning before!  Very frustrating, although I know it should go right back down in a day or two.

This morning I had a practice with my tennis team.  I played pretty well, although I felt a bit rusty during the warm-up and the first couple games.  I won all three rounds with my partner.

This afternoon, Andrea (from tennis) invited three of us from the team to visit her condo complex, play tennis, eat a bit, and swim in the pool.  We played tennis for over two hours, playing a set with all three combinations of partners.  By the time that was over, I was a bit worn out.  We went to Andrea's condo and had some food, but we never ended up doing any swimming.  It was a fun afternoon!

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