Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Re-arranged Workouts

I'm still in Pennsylvania.  It was supposed to rain in the afternoon today, so I switched my workouts from their usual order.  In the morning, I did my lower and upper body plyo workout.  It was cloudy, so it was nice to do the workout without the Sun beating down on me.

In the afternoon, I did the first workout from Stage 1 of NROLW.  However, since this is my third time through the workout, the number of sets stays the same (two), but the number of reps goes down to 12 for most moves.  For the squats, I moved up to using 25 lb per hand.  Oddly, the number of push-ups also decreased, even though it is a bodyweight move, so I did the T-push-ups described in the book.  These were still easy.  For the bent-over rows, I moved up to 25 lb per hand.  For the step-ups, I increased to 20 lb per hand.  There was no stability ball, so I couldn't do the prone jackknifes.  Instead, I did reverse curls on a bench.  I burned about 100 cal total in the workout.

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