Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Busy Day

Since I'm still visiting my mom in Pennsylvania, things were a little different today.

First, I forgot to bring my workout DVD for today, so I had to improvise - I can't just take the time off!  My mom is a member of Curves here.  She hasn't been able to do it lately because she just had cataract surgery on one eye and is about to have the surgery on her other eye.  However, she said that today was the day Curves has a special weights class that involves free weights as well as the Curves machines.  She has really been wanting me to visit Curves with her, but this seemed like the next best thing.  So she came and waited while I did the half-hour class. 

The class was interesting.  First, I was one of only three people doing it - apparently summertime is a little sparse.  The machines gave a lot more resistance than I was expecting, considering that it's mostly old and/or out-of-shape people doing the classes.  The free-weight portion was really easy, because I was only using 8-lb weights.  With the half-hour class and some cool down, I burned about 180 calories.

Later in the day, we rented bikes and rode on the local biking/walking trails.  The rental bikes were horrible one-speeds with weird, wide handlebars.  We biked a little over 17 miles in 2 hours.  It was a beautiful day.

Before dinner, I went to the local YMCA and used a treadmill to do some speed intervals.  In 41:30, I did 9  x 2 min at 7.3 mph, alternating with 9 x 90 sec at 3.5 mph.  The distance came to about 3.6 mi.  I finished out the hour walking at 3.5 mph.

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