Sunday, July 20, 2014

I got the run done

Yesterday afternoon I had my long run of 8 miles. It was really, really hard. I ran in Brookside Gardens and Wheaton Regional Park, which turned out to be really hilly.  I think I was still dehydrated from being out all day on Friday.  Also, it was 80 F and a bit humid.  I felt like I was pushing a tempo run the whole time, and I still took 1:28:12 to do the run, which was only about 5.5 mph.  My legs were tired afterward, but the most difficult was my breathing and overall conditioning.  It just felt really hard. I did one big loop in the park, which was a little more than 4 miles.  I had planned to do most of the loop again for the second half, but I couldn't bear the hills.  I stuck to the paved trails in Brookside Gardens, which had a loop of approximately 0.75 mi, and just kept doing that.  I kept thinking about stoppping early, but I got through it.  I took a lot of breaks, and did some walking, but I finished the mieles.

This morning I did my usual boxing class.  I was still pretty worn out from the run the day before, but I got through it OK.

This afternoon, Bill and I did a bike ride.  Guess what?  We started out going through Wheaton Regional Park - and it was still hilly on a bike!  The first half of the bike ride was hard.  Once we got in the second part, on the Matthew Henson Trail and Rock Creek Trail, it was easier.  I did not make a serious effort to get up the really big hill coming off Rock Creek Trail to get back to our house, because I could tell I just didn't have the gas left in the tank.  The ride was about 19 miles.

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