Friday, July 25, 2014

Last Workout in PA

Last night before bed, my mom and I went out to look at the sky at her house in PA.  It was so dark - the stars were magnificent!  You can step out of the door and see the Milky Way before your eyes even get dark-adapted.  I wish all of my students could experience that.

This morning, I did the second workout in Stage 1 of NROLW at the local YMCA.  Again, I was generally doing 2 sets with 12 reps, so I upped my weights.  For the deadlifts, I used 60 lb.  For the shoulder presses, I used 25 lb per hand.  Sadly, I still couldn't do more than 3 pull-ups at a time.  For the lunges, I used 20 lb per hand - those were really hard.  The YMCA did not have a stability ball, so instead of balance-ball crunches, I did crunches on a bench with a 10-lb weight plate.  I burned about 110 calories in this workout.

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