Friday, July 18, 2014

Busy Days

Yesterday evening I played some tennis with ladies from my team.  I was going to do my plyo workout, but they needed a fourth person, and I can't resist tennis.  The weather was beautiful, too.

This morning, I continued with NROLW.  Today was back to the first workout.  I kept my weights the same.  It didn't kill me like it did on Monday, thank goodness.  Again, I burned about 95 calories.

My schedule was a little weird today, because I was planning to go watch Bill's match at Districts at 5pm.  So I came home from work early in order to do my plyo workout described here .  It doesn't make me super sore any more, but it's still tough, especially the sprinting.

Afterward, I had a late lunch, and Bill and I headed up to Columbia for his Districts match.  While Bill and his team was waiting to go on court, I walked through the neighborhood and around Wilde Lake, which was very pretty.  I got in a 3.5-mi walk and returned in time to see all of Bill's match.  Unfortunately he and his partner lost.

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