Saturday, March 15, 2014

10 Mile Goal Pace Run

This morning I did a 10-mile run at my goal pace of 5.8 mph.  It took 1:43:25.  The run felt pretty good.  I did it over 5 minutes faster than the previous 10-mile run that I did several weeks ago.

This afternoon I had a tennis practice with my teams.  I'd had three days off from tennis, but my elbow still hurt a bit.  Unfortunately I tweaked it during practice, and now it's worse.  Backhands aren't too bad, but hitting my forehand is not very good.  The worst is when I bend my wrist while completing a shot.  I'm not sure I'm supposed to be doing that, but apparently I usually do.  I had been wearing an elbow compression sleeve.   After practice, I iced the elbow.  I also dug out my husband's wrist brace - maybe that will help keep me from bending my wrist as much.  I guess we'll see.  I have a 3.0 match tomorrow night.  In the meantime, I'm going to put myself on ibuprofen.

My weight has gone back down from when I was concerned earlier this week, so that's good.  I think it was just some minor bloating.  My waist measurements this morning were also as low as they've ever been.  That all makes me feel better that my eating is under control.

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