Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Doubles Win!

Last night, Jill and I won #2 doubles on our 3.5 team.  Jill was not feeling well, but it didn't show in her play if you didn't know her.  I could tell she didn't have quite her usual energy level, but she certainly didn't let down her end of the play.  We won 6-2, 6-4.  Our opponents switched sides in the second set, which worked better for them, but wasn't quite enough.  Happily my elbow was OK.  I can feel that it aches a bit, but it doesn't have the acute pain I started getting a couple weeks ago.

This morning I did Insanity the Asylum Vol. 2 Agility Tutorial and Pure Contact.  Again, I skipped through the intro sequences of the Agility Tutorial to cut down the time a bit.  This gave me a reasonable burn.  The pike-ups in Pure Contact are killer.  I burned about 230 calories. 

OK, so this is a bit self-congratulatory, but someone I was talking to made me think about looking at my tennis record so far this season.  I've been doing really well, which has been fun!

In mixed combo, I've won 3 of 4:  the 3 I played with my husband, all on #1 doubles.

In women's 6.5 combo, I've won 7 of 9.  I've played myself as a 3.5 in this league, so all of my wins were with another 3.0, usually Joan or Fran.

In 3.0, I've won 3 of 5.  Surprisingly, this is my worst record.  One of the loses was against my nemesis, Marva.  One win was in singles.

In 3.5, I've won 8 of 10.  This is pretty amazing to me!  And not all of these were on #3 doubles, even though I'm 3.0.  Both of my losses were against a super-hard team, both on #2 doubles.  And they weren't horrible losses, either.  One win was in singles, as well.  Cool beans!

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