Saturday, March 29, 2014

Interesting Mixed Win

Last night, Bill and I played our last mixed match of the season.  The man we played on the opposing team was a 4.0 with a really, really good kick serve and other really good shots.  In the first set, I just couldn't seem to hit anything right.  His serves just blew me away, and it seemed like everything else I hit went out, too.  We lost the first set 6-3.

We knew we had to change things up somehow in the second set.  Bill decided that we needed to do something to rattle them and get them off balance so that the guy, especially, could not keep hitting whatever shots he wanted.  So on my serve, Bill started up at the net at the center line.  He signaled me which way he was going to go when the return was hit, and then I would go the other way to cover the court.  This ended up doing really well for us.  I don't think our opponents knew quite what was going on with Bill in the middle, so their returns were not as good.  Bill was also able to get some good poaches.  We won the second set 6-2.  We continued this strategy on my serve in the match tie-breaker, and we won that, too!  A nice way to end the season!

This morning, I went to the 11:30am boxing class.  That's not a typical class for me to go to, but it's raining, so no tennis this morning/afternoon.  The class was pretty good.  It had more of an emphasis on core and strength than I would prefer, but that was OK. 

I have a 3.5 match tonight, so hopefully that will go well!

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