Monday, March 24, 2014

New Phase of Workouts

This morning I started a new phase of my morning workouts.  These next three weeks are focused on performance.  For me, that means agility and plyometric ability.  This morning I did Insanity the Asylum Vol. 2 Agility Tutorial and Ab Shredder.  In the Agility Tutorial, I skip past the instruction part of the video and just do the at-pace parts of each agility move.  It causes a nice sweat.  However, Ab Shredder doesn't burn a lot of calories, so my total this morning was about 186 calories.

The difficulty I always run into with planning out my workouts is that on MWF I can't do anything longer than about 42 minutes.  That's pretty limiting.  Yes, I could get up earlier, but I know I won't get to bed earlier, and I don't want to compromise my sleep.

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