Friday, March 28, 2014

Speed Intervals

Yesterday afternoon, my run involved speed intervals.  I've been struggling with moving up to 7.2 mph for the intervals, so I went back to 60-sec intervals.  I did 17 60-sec intervals at 7.2 mph alternating with 90 sec at 3.5 mph.  There was a 5-min warm-up and 5-min cool down.  This totaled 4.12 mi in 52:30.  And finally I could stay at 7.2 mph for all the intervals!    I'll be working on increasing the length of time I'm at that speed.

This morning I did P90X2 Recovery + Mobility - my shortened version.  Fridays are usually my rest day, but I have a mixed doubles match scheduled for tonight, so I will have no rest day this week.  I can get away with that occasionally, but if I do it too much, I get tired.  Plus, the rest day really lets my body relax so my waist circumference the next morning is minimized.  Oh, well.  My measurement tomorrow morning will probably be a little higher than it has been.

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