Thursday, March 20, 2014

Healing Tennis Elbow

Yesterday I got two things I ordered from Amazon to try to help heal my tennis elbow.  First, a topical NSAID called Penetrex.  Amazon helpfully informed me that I ordered this almost exactly two years ago, the last time I had trouble with tennis elbow.  I did get the problem to heal then, so hopefully I will be able to do so this time.

The second thing was the Thera-band Light Flex Bar .  There is actual research supporting the use of a specific exercise with this bar for helping to heal tennis elbow, so I thought I'd try it.  The last time I had tennis elbow, I did do some exercises to help with it, but I did not use this in particular.  It's definitely useful to watch the video on how to do the exercise, because the pictures are not totally clear.

Last night I went to a boxing class.  I don't usually do that on weeknights any more, but since I'm trying to avoid tennis when possible, I went.  The class was OK.  The instructor is an actual pro boxer, but he's not the most interested or enthusiastic in teaching a bunch of us total amateurs.  I am a little sore today in my lats, either from the class or from my morning kickboxing workout.

This morning I did Insanity Core Cardio & Balance.  I felt better doing it than on Tuesday morning, when I was pretty tired.  I burned about 190 calories.

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