Monday, March 3, 2014

Snow Day

Last night I lost my 3.5 match.  Grace and I played a strong match on #2 doubles.  We won the first set 6-4.  One of our opponents was much weaker than the other, so we concentrated on hitting to her.  We lost the second set 6-2.  We let some lobs drop in for overheads, and they did make fewer unforced errors.  The match tiebreaker was very close - we were tied up 8-8, but then lost 10-8.  It was a lot of fun, though, because it was a challenging match but not overwhelming.  Unfortunately we lost all of the other courts, too, except #1 singles.

Today there is a big snowstorm, so the university is closed.  This morning I did my scheduled workout: P90X+ Kenpo Cardio+.  I don't do the warm up on the video for this workout; they do minimal warming up and then do some yoga stretches.  That doesn't work at all for me.  I need to be a lot warmer before I get started.  So I do my own warm up exercises (jogging in place, fake jump roping, jumping jacks, butt kicks, and high knees) and then I do some ballistic stretching of my hamstrings.  Then I get into the official workout.  This also saves me 90 - 120 seconds in the workout.  Today I burned 289 calories.  I felt like I had quite a bit of energy to do it. Afterward, I used the extra time because it's a snow day to do some foam rolling on my legs.

Because of the snow storm, I won't be able to do my usual tennis doubles tonight.  I will probably do a run instead.  Plus some show shoveling sometime today once the snow tapers off.

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